1. The Other Side of the Radio 4:48
  2. Everything's OK 3:48
  3. Nonny Nonny 4:35
  4. Untitled Hymn (Come To Jesus) 3:49
  5. Smile 4:31
  6. 8th Grade 3:44
  7. My Cathedral 3:33
  8. Me and Becky 4:19
  9. Wonder 3:49
  10. Spare an Angel 4:01
  11. Circle Up 4:32

Untitled Hymn (come To Jesus)

Chris Rice

One story about "Untitled Hymn (come To Jesus)"

  • Bill says:

    Whenever I hear this song, I stop whatever I’m doing and let it flow over me and sink into me. There’s something about Jesus’ involvement in every aspect of life that’s reflected in this song, and it both brings me back to my roots and grants me hope for the future. And, very often, it brings me to prayer, to tears of brokenness and blessing before the Lord, and to intimate communion with Him.

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