1. No Matter What 3:47
  2. Take You Away 3:17
  3. Beautiful To Me 4:19
  4. This Love Doesn't Run 4:15
  5. Keep Breathing 4:19
  6. Unstoppable 3:35
  7. Outcast 2:51
  8. Maybe I'm Afraid 4:22
  9. Love Comes Down 3:39
  10. Savior To Me (Sing Glory) 5:10
  11. Digital Booklet: Kerrie Roberts - Digital Booklet 0:00

No Matter What

Kerrie Roberts

One story about "No Matter What"

  • Lori Ranum says:

    One day last year I had just found out my best friend had died and I had your station on and Kerrie Roberts came on with the song “No Matter What”. It touched my hurting heart like nothing else could–no matter what happens (losing my second dear friend in a year), I will still love God!! WOW! What a great message and I needed it! Thank you for always being there to encourage, challenge and uplift me. Thanks for being there!! As my friend, Lyn, who had just passed away always said, ”God Is Good ALL the Time!!” He is and He also uses the music and ministry of Life 97.9 SO MUCH in so many peoples lives!!! Thank you!!!!

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