1. Invisible 3:38
  2. Drifting 3:14
  3. Beautiful 4:32
  4. One Drop 3:53
  5. I Want You Here 5:14
  6. Say Your Name 3:22
  7. Unlovable 3:55
  8. Need You Now (How Many Times) 4:14
  9. Chocolate & Ice Cream 3:21
  10. Don't Deserve You 4:11
  11. Cage 3:18
  12. At Arms Length 5:02
  13. I Don't Deserve You 6:14

Need You Now


One story about "Need You Now"

  • Tammy says:

    I love this song I have gone down many different roads that were not planned and have cried out to him so many times. I don’t know where I would be without my God. I am heading down yet another road i didn’t plan again wondering God why me again. I know I will find out someday why, but as for know I am holding on to him. Awesome song.

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