1. God of the Universe 4:03
  2. Lift Me Up 3:14
  3. Learning to Dream 2:56
  4. Love Found Me 3:45
  5. Show Me What I've Got 3:44
  6. Blame Me 2:48
  7. Open Up the Sky 4:09
  8. You Alone 3:17
  9. Keep Me Where You Are 3:50
  10. Crying Out 2:54
  11. Come to Me 3:57

God Of The Universe


the heavens declare Your glory // the skies show what Your hands have made
without words they’re telling a story // and no one can hide from what they say
day by day night by night they tell the world who You are // YOU ARE THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE // THE STARS IN THE SKY ARE YOUR FIREWORKS // JESUS SHINE YOUR LIGHT IN MY LIFE // LET YOUR GLORY SHINE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE // I do not understand it // this is far to great for me // that all of this beauty and wonder // is nothing compared to your love for me //day by day night by night I’ll tell the world who you are

Bryan Olesen, ASCAP, Mydeas Music - Nathan Dantzler, ASCAP, INDIE Rock Music - Riley Friesen, ASCAP, Riley Friesen Publishing

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