1. Love Is Here 4:03
  2. Lift Us Up To Fall 3:40
  3. By Your Side 5:14
  4. Let It Go 3:18
  5. Break Me Down 3:22
  6. Hold My Heart 3:57
  7. Times 4:16
  8. Beloved 4:31
  9. You Are 3:49
  10. Satisfy 3:47
  11. Hallelujah 5:17

By Your Side

Tenth Avenue North

2 stories about "By Your Side"

  • Robyn Lawrence says:

    In the midst of having recently lost our beloved comedian, Robin Williams, it is more important than ever to know that God will be by our side and help us all we have to do is call out to him. There have been numerous times that I have struggled with depression in my life and this song has always been a reminder to me that Christ will never leave or abandon me, he will always be by my side and that he loves me no matter how much I feel I am unlovable. Thank you for writing such an inspiring and uplifting song. I feel the words are straight from the Lord. Thank you for playing this song and helping so many!

  • Edmund says:

    because it feels like my real dad that passed away is by my side

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