Make a Difference

Dear Friend,

When you partner with Life 97.9, thousands of people in the Red River Valley find the encouragement they need every day, at home and on the go. With the touch of a radio button or the click of a mouse, they hear uplifting music that rebuild relationships, strengthen families and impact lives.

The fiscal year ends on June 30. Will you help meet the remaining annual need with a gift today?

A listener named Michael wrote to say that the station was a lifeline to him during his parents’ divorce and still encourages him today:

“Christian music has taught me that life does go on, and the sun does indeed rise again. Your station has changed me in the fact that every single day, I look for the positive outcome in situations. When your station motivates people to do good or to rise from a tough situation, it is changing lives. It gives lost people a portal to light.

Your support can change a life for good. Please help provide more uplifting music to people across the Red River Valley when they need it most. Please let us hear from you today.

In Him,

Tim Unsinn

Station Manager