Without the right mindset, skill loses its impact. What if everyone embraced mindsets that led them to be fully engaged at work, appreciate the diversity of co-workers and take inspired action every day? Mastering the right mindsets can put businesses on that path. Research has proven that there are 7 mindsets critical to your happiness and success. This session will teach you the mindsets, identify the counter mindsets that can derail us and identify strategies to get better results.

Join Teresa Lewis, from Uplifting Mornings with Tim and Teresa on Life 97.9, as she shares the 7 Mindsets and how they can impact your life. You’ll discover the power of your mindset and learn how to master and sustain each of the 7 Mindsets. Romans 12:2 tells us we can be transformed by the renewal of our mind, and this is a wonderful opportunity to gain a new perspective.

What you will gain:

    • An overview of the principles revealed in The 7 Mindsets
    • An awareness of the countermindsets that can derail you
    • A fresh perspective to bring you better results at work and at home
    • Tools to maintain and sustain the principles you learn
    • The opportunity to build relationships with like-minded, positive people

Teresa Lewis is a certified 7 Mindsets speaker and she is sure to inspire and engage in this afternoon session. You’ll have takeaways that will impact you at work and at home.  Register today! Group discounts are available! Registration details are on Teresa’s website.

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