What if honor made a comeback?

The other day, I enjoyed an exhilarating bike ride on the trails near my home. Though I like to hunker down and ride fast, I have to be careful because I’m not the only one on the trails. On the straightaways it’s fun to hammer down and go as fast as I can, but whenever I come to a blind turn or come upon people, I slow way down and…


Vet Etiquette

Are there things to say, or perhaps, not say to your veterinarian?  Apparently, yes.  I have two dogs and both are due for a routine check up.  Interestingly and ironically, I stumbled across an article concerning proper etiquette when it comes to interaction with your vet.  Read up… as you prepare to take your precious


Are you a people pleaser? Or a God pleaser?

Cindy, a lovely and talented woman had a hard time saying “no” to others. She wanted to help, wanted to please and wanted everyone to like her all of the time. This put her in a terrible bind. She often felt others were taking advantage of her kindness or placing unrealistic expectations on their friendship. But, in order to not…


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