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The facts about flax

Okay, so had anyone even heard of flax seeds half a dozen years ago? These little seeds lived out their lives in relative obscurity likely because they resemble burnt sesame seeds or a part of the birdseed mix we fill our feeders with. But all that changed the day someone discovered they had a highly redeeming value—and flavor wasn’t…



The meaning of true beauty

Dove has a really cool campaign called “Real Beauty” – and in this video they had women describe themselves to a police sketch artist, then have someone else describe them… the difference in what these women see in themselves as opposed to how others see them is pretty drastic: The Bible has lots of great…


Caffeine—should we wean?

The two times in my day that I truly savor are when I get my hands around a steaming mug of lightened and agave-sweetened black (caffeinated) tea. Sipping that wonderful elixir seems to just ease my soul…It must be a drug! Well, in fact, it is. Not my tea specifically, but the caffeine which can be found “floating around”…


Weight and self-worth

“Dear Mr. Scale, can I be honest with you for a moment? Our together times really don’t do much for me. I actually dread our appointments. And when you bring your friend Miss tape measure, well she really does a number on me.” I.hate.this. Have you ever had a conversation with your bathroom scale? Maybe I am a tad…


A new play area for Fargo-Moorhead kids

Want your kids to get some exercise when winter weather may be keeping you all indoors? A new indoor play area is opening in the West Acres Mall. From westacres.com: “Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) is teaming up with West Acres as a sponsor for the shopping center’s new indoor play area, named Recess West.…



Fitness and health vs. soda bans

The Mayor of New York declared a ban on large soda drinks, citing the obesity epidemic. It was overturned before in went into effect, but the debate went national in the aftermath. Dr. Linda Mintle suggests that an outright ban is counter-intuitive and isn’t the best way to promote health; she discusses the ban, responsible…

How’s your balance?

Life is a continual balancing act. Whenever your equilibrium is disturbed, say between “have–to’s” and “want-to’s”, you feel the discomfort of being off-kilter right away. Not so with your physical balance. Nearly every patient whose balance I test and find lacking is thoroughly surprised. Young and old alike,…


Fargo Marathon Weekend

2013 marks Year #9 for the Fargo Marathon, and Running and Rocking is back! In 2011, over 20,000 participants rocked and ran one of the six weekend events and in 2012, over 24,000 participants! And now it’s time for the 2013 Tour! Bands at EVERY mile and a Post Race Concert Blast to finish the Fargo experience in style! The Fargo Marathon…

Will “gluten-free” work for me?

Wow, for such a small protein, gluten has really made it to the big time—with a number of trademarked, “G-Free” dietary products to show for itself! And all a diet plan needs to capture the attention of the masses is to gain a few celebrity endorsements. Enter Oprah and Gwyneth Paltrow Gluten, which is found in wheat, rye and…


Stretching – more harm than good?

As a high school athlete I was well-versed in the pre-workout stretching concept. As Captain of the Spring Track team, my job was to lead my teammates in a pretty grueling flexibility routine at the beginning of every practice. The more limber we made our bodies (we were told) the more protected we would be against injury. Well, fast…


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