Have a yummy July 4th

Planning some grilling this July 4th weekend? As you may know I like to fancy myself as a bit of a foodie. It’s because of that I like to venture outside the norm and try things with a unique twist. Sometimes that backfires and makes me think to myself “don’t mess with the classics”. But other times the desire to try new things…


Why I made my smartphone a little dumber

It was 7:45 on a Tuesday evening. I was sitting in my living room having a good evening with my kids. One just finished reading her 3rd grade reading assignment, and the 6th grader jumped up into my lap for a rare moment of cuddling. Suddenly, a co-worker of mine walked through the front door, and told me he intended to rewrite the report…


Plop plop fizz fizz

It’s every dad’s dream, sitting on the dock on a warm sunny day, fishing with your son, surrounded by the wonderful sounds of nature, the rich green colors provided by the trees, the calm water reflecting the clear beauty of the sky…Only I wasn’t enjoying the dream, I was too busy wasting my life glued to my phone. I find it almost…



10 issues that divide Christians

It seems like there are countless ways Christ’s people have been and can be divided, but deep down, we know we should be able to unite and let the world know what we’re really for. So how can we actually do that? In his book, 10 Issues That Divide Christians, Dr. Alex McFarland says there are 10 key issues that divide Christians…



Stewardship of creation vs. environmentalism

Usually when we hear the words “Earth Day” or “environmentalist”, it’s possible that we could envision images of “tree huggers” or maybe a bunch of people in the streets protesting against various pieces of legislation. But lost in the rhetoric of global climate change and environmental…


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