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Pray for our graduates

Let’s pray for the graduates in our lives. Let us know who you would like to add to the graduation prayer wall. What makes your grad special? How can we pray?…

Pray for our graduates


Attending NDSU for Computer Engineering fall 2019…


Pray that she would follow Jesus, be a light for others and be surrounded by the armor of God protecting her each and every day.…

Heritage Christian Academy 2018 Graduating Class

Pray these students cling to their faith in Christ as they enter a world filled with temptation and difficult choices. Pray these students remember those praying for them and that they can always lean on those, both their families and their teachers, supporting them. Pray that God continues to direct their paths and strengthen…

Bruce, Liz and the UND Dr of Med graduating class

Pray they would grow in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in the practice of medicine and of God, so they will become good doctors who are blessings in the lives of their patients.…


She has worked so hard to get ALL HS goals. We Pray she finds continued joy as she moves on to her college years. Also so she stays safe.…


Please pray that my daughter will continue on her new-found positive path in life. Please send young people into her life who will influence her to seek a life that honors our Father. Please help her to realize that she has a very real gift – the gift of uplifting those around her. Thanks so much for the prayers.…


For peace, God’s direction, guidance & protection.…

All graduates

The team here at Life 97.9 is praying for our graduates. Praying blessings on them as they look to the future and pray as well that God be their anchor as they go forward.…

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