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Sometimes when your career and life seems to be in the best possible position – your world caves in on you. This was the place in which PLUMB found herself a few short years ago. Immediately after completing her comeback album NEED YOU NOW, PLUMB found herself in an unthinkable position. Her marriage was on the brink of divorce, and she had to make a decision that would change the course of her family’s future. She chose to fight for her marriage and her family.

Now two years later, PLUMB is telling her story not only in the upcoming book NEED YOU NOW. A STORY OF HOPE, but also through the release of a deluxe version of the NEED YOU NOW album.

Writing the book was a departure for PLUMB, challenging her to share her story on a deeper level to inspire others who may be in situations that seem helpless. The process of writing became another avenue to heal and see God’s hand guiding and protecting her family throughout the hardest times of their lives.

PLUMB has never been an artist known to sugarcoat, giving an honest view of life while always showing the hope and light in every situation. The remainder of the songs on NEED YOU NOW are original stories of struggle of real-life people, stories of hope, loss and restoration. These songs have a universal appeal, even for the artist, who is often struck by songs written about others that end up feeling strangely autobiographical. “After recording the album,” says PLUMB, “I had to walk through real challenges of all sorts – health struggles, relationship struggles, spiritual struggles. But now, I can say with honestly of experience, there is always hope…”