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  • So I finally decided that this whole Instagram thing is gonna stick around so I'm gonna jump on the band wagon... http://t.co/kAZPVAlJwy

    March 20, 2015

  • For those of you who haven't heard, our friends in @iamthey were robbed while on the road and got over $16000... http://t.co/s23WBg9UbS

    March 18, 2015

  • There are few people who you only meet a couple times that can leave a lasting impact, @markhallcc is one of... http://t.co/gk4qX8DJgg

    March 5, 2015


The sound of MIKESCHAIR demands attention. The strong delivery of their self-titled album on CURB Records sets out to entertain as well as inspire those who listen. Their unique pop sound mixed with rock guitars, electronic textures, and bass grooves blended with catchy, anthemic, sing-along choruses compel you to step up emotionally and spiritually. The music inspires action to change the world through love. Bio provided by Last.fm.

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