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  • How cool is it that @lecrae is on @FallonTonight?!

    September 19, 2014

  • Can my iphone make me a sandwich yet? - Jon #iOS8

    September 17, 2014

  • Rockin' iOS8. Whhhhhhhhhat does it do other than make me cool? - Jon

    September 17, 2014

Hawk Nelson

Hawk Nelson was formed in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada in 2003 by Jason Dunn, Dave Clark, Matt Paige, and Daniel Biro. The band played independently in Peterborough, Ontario for a few years before they signed with Tooth And Nail Records, largely on the recommendation of Trevor McNevan, the lead singer of fellow Tooth and Nail bands Thousand Foot Krutch and FM Static. McNevan, also from Peterborough, is credited with discovering the band. Bio provided by Last.fm.