From January 1-21, we invite you to take our 21 Day Listening Challenge. Listen to Life 97.9 and see if this music makes a real difference in your life. Let us know what you think of the station in the comment section below.

“A couple of years ago, I was realizing the importance of a relationship with God. I was frustrated because I was a new mom and new in my faith. I happened to find Life 97.9 and took the 21 Day Listening Challenge. I committed to it and fought against changing the station on all of the unfamiliar songs. Sure enough, the station, the music, and the light of God has made Life 97.9 an invaluable resource!”

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One Response to "21 Day Listening Challenge"

  • Laura says:

    In order to deal with stress and anxiety in my every day life, I started listening to Life 97.9. Typically when a song I didn’t know came on, I would change the station but after just a few days into the 21 Day Listening Challenge I don’t even have the urge to change it! I have the station playing in my office and in my car, which my kids love and recognize songs from church. Listening to God’s word and the inspirational music has helped me get through the day.

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