Who is in your organization’s boat and what direction are they rowing in? Let’s imagine a group of 10 company employees in a row boat. If we consider national employee engagement statistics, here’s what that might look like:

  • Three of them understand the vision, are on board with the vision and are rowing toward the destination. They are the cheerleaders and encouragers.
  • Five of them are rowing in the right direction occasionally … when they feel like it … when they have the energy for it … depending on what their co-workers do. These five can help or hinder the efforts of others in the boat, depending upon their mindset when they pick up the oar.
  • Two of them are rowing in the opposite direction and complaining to everyone else about the direction the boat is going, the weather, the lifejackets, etc.

Does that seem a little extreme? Gallup employee engagement stats indicate that only 30% of U.S. adult workers are actively engaged in their jobs. About 53% are disengaged and the remaining 17% are actively disengaged.  Considering that those statistics apply to our U.S. workforce, it paints a pretty sad picture. Wouldn’t it be more rewarding to be among the 30% rowing passionately in the direction of the company vision? The 30% don’t dread Mondays or wish endlessly for vacation. They are driven by passion and purpose because they know they are making an impact. They’ve chosen a career based on their God-given strengths and talents and aligned those with what the world needs.

What about you? Has life gotten really full with kids, chores, aging parents and the demands of your job? We can get so caught up serving others that we can lose track of who we are and what we love. Then, we might be tempted to just go through the motions. In the words of Casting Crowns, we weren’t made to just survive, we were made to thrive!

To thrive again, to become more engaged, start with identifying your passions, talents and strengths. Sometimes this is more difficult than it sounds; we often underplay our own strengths and take them for granted. Ask God to reveal what unique gifts He has given you. Figure out how to use your passions, talents and strengths frequently. If you don’t have that opportunity in the workplace now, could you work into a different role? Could you volunteer in an organization where you can be aligned with your passions? What if God is calling you to a new direction?

It’s never too late and never too early to pursue your passions. Whatever age you are, whatever stage you are at, it’s the perfect time to do the soul searching. Pray that opportunities would arise, and meanwhile, pursue what you love, tap into your strengths and use the unique gifts that God gave you.

Mindset #2, Passion First is one of The 7 Mindsets are a culmination of a research project asking the question, what is it that the happiest, most successful people have in common? It is the way you think that leads to a life of happiness, success, fulfillment and meaning. Learn more about how much your mindset matters at www.TeresaInspires.com or connect with Teresa on Facebook.

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