Mindset #2: Passion First

Teresa Lewis

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During my 20 years working an 8 – 5 job, it was a rare day when I would actually get to work on time. Imagine how shocked my former co-workers were to learn I had joined the “morning” team at Life 97.9! What I’ve discovered is that there is power behind passion and purpose. When you are pursuing your passion and purpose, it’s easier to get out of bed. I enjoyed my other jobs (for the most part), but certainly didn’t feel the connection to passion and purpose like I do at the station.

Are you pursuing your passions? Have you discovered your purpose? If you pursue your passions first and foremost, you will be happier, more successful, and more excited to get up every day. You will uncover energy and drive you didn’t know existed. Pursue what you love, tap into your strengths and the unique gifts that God gave you.

Passion First is one of the 7 Mindsets; as with each of the mindsets, the researchers discovered that most people act in direct opposition to mindsets that lead to fulfillment. One of the counter mindsets is that we should pursue the bigger paycheck over work that we truly love. Often, if we choose safety and security, we sacrifice our happiness.

Some of what we tell ourselves and our kids is rational; pursue a degree based on the employment market and placement rates, take the job with the best pay and benefits, rationally and economically it makes sense.

Yet, thinking like this can lead to disappointment and disengagement at work (a.k.a. you quit your job but you are still employed there). The latest Gallup poll indicates only 30% of US adults are actively engaged in their jobs.

It isn’t your employer’s responsibility to engage you at work; it is your responsibility. Find a way to get more engaged in your job, or find something different.

For those of you who are full-time household managers, maybe you’re feeling bogged down in your daily responsibilities and have lost sight of your passions. We all have gifts God has given us … it’s up to us to figure out what those gifts are and use them for good. Give yourself time and permission to rediscover your passions. Guilt-free. What talents do you have that the world needs?

Dare to pursue your passions, find your purpose and help your kids do the same!

The 7 Mindsets are what emerged from a research project that sought to determine what the happiest, most successful, most fulfilled people have in common. From The 7 Mindsets to Live Your Ultimate Life by Scott Shickler and Jeff Waller. Learn more at www.teresainspires.com


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