Keeping laughter in your marriage


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There’s a study that says preschoolers laugh 300 times a day–while adults only laugh 17 times a day. What happened? When did we get so serious? Of course, life brings challenges, but do you ever take the time to just lighten up and have some fun? Adding some light-hearted moments into your marriage can make a big difference and there are ways to keep things light when life gets heavy.

Whether it’s a “date night”, a trip to a mutually favorite restaurant, or something as simple as going to a movie, be intentional about doing fun things. Call a truce if there are things that you and your spouse are currently struggling with in your relationship. Let your hair down and goof off a little bit; dedicate the time to fun!

There’s the story of one husband who surprised his wife one Friday by constructing a blanket fort in their living room. When she got home that evening, he had popcorn, a DVD, and games ready to play, all nestled in his fort! Remember the fun things that you did when you were dating and consider revisiting them, or create new adventures and memories in the name of laughter.


Laughter in marriage

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