Prayer…that is what we’ve been doing for our three daughters, but more specifically our middle daughter Rianna!  This was their first year in public school after me homeschooling them for 8 yrs.  Nights leading up to school starting she would ask to pray together.  First, we prayed for the change as a whole and that Rianna would be excited to start middle school.

The second part of the prayer was to make friends!  Sure they have friends, but we were praying that they would find that one good Christian friend in school that they could buddy with through the years!  You know the one that has your back, will save you a seat at lunch, lives at your house, where you are they are!  Like two peas in a pod!

Out of my three daughters, she was struggling the hardest with going to school and leaving me.  So we put out the “APB” to our friends to lift especially Rianna up in prayer!  God is so good!  He answered the first part of the prayer the morning of the first day of school like we asked!  After we got back from dropping off my youngest daughter Leigha to 5th grade, we walked in and said “time to go!”  Rianna jumped up and said with a huge smile “I’m ready, let’s go!” Whoa!  What?  Are you sure? I asked.   “Yes!”  Wow!!  Praise the Lord!  I immediately said to her “do you know why you are excited for your first day of school?”  “Yes, it’s because everyone was praying for me and God answered those prayers!” Rianna said with confidence.

How cool was that to see God answer just like that!  Then if that wasn’t enough the second part of the prayer was confirmed yesterday.  During this summer, Rianna had been wanting to get together with a girl from her class that she had became friends with.  Finally after phone tag with her mother, we connected and set up a time for the girls to hang out!  During our conversation, the mother says “we’ve been praying that God would bring a good Christian friend for our daughter!” I told her that is exactly what we’ve been praying for!!

God continually reminds us to always pray, no matter how big or small!  He is faithful!  No matter what age, always pray for your children!

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